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The history of Irish music began many centuries ago. In the work TopographiaHibernica, Gerald of Wale s expressed that the Irish were more skilled musically speaking than any other nation he had seen. The ancient Celts bequeathed their religion, myths and history from one generation to another through the songs. According to Irish folklore the Celtic bands traveled from town to town and sang in exchange for bed and food, exchanging songs with other musicians they found on their way. With the high-quality bagpipes for sale you can find the best deals now.

The Aspect of Celtic Music

Celtic music, as its name implies, is a musical genre that starts from the tradition of Celtic cultures in western Europe, which is why Celtic music is considered a type of contemporary folk music that shares an origin Ethnological and musical. This music has a very special characteristic and is that it is not limited to a country, as traditional music would normally do, if not to an entire area (Western Europe) that includes any country that has an influence of Celtic culture.

An identifying symbol for the Celtic culture is Stonehenge. Scotland and Ireland are the best known countries in terms of Celtic culture and music, since it is these countries that have largely preserved this culture. There is a list of the best kilt belts there also.

Remote origins

Stonehenge (Wiltshire, England)

In Ireland, traditional ballads are very famous, such as Molly Malone, a story of a fish seller who died in 1750, but her ghost is still around the market. The song begins by saying:

  • It has become a hymn for the natives of the capital. But unlike this melody, most of these ballads are stories about happy moments in the pub, and it is usually in one of them where they enjoy themselves most. Some of the most famous have always been The Moonshiner, The Wild Rover and Whiskey in the Jar . From the 60’s they became known internationally thanks to musicians such as The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers or The Chieftains.