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How To Match A Skirt And A Top For Your Baby Girl

Outfit matching is tricky, even for adults like us. Despite having a wardrobe full of various clothing pieces, we sometimes have trouble finding a top that suits the bottoms we have in mind. And now that we have daughters of our own, we will have to do the same for them—we will need to learn how to pair a shirt with a skirt for our girls.

While it can be tempting to throw on the first clothing piece we see in our youngsters’ closets, we should dress our babies the way we style ourselves—presentably and comfortably. Picking a skirt and top pair for our baby girl will help her look her best when going out. Doing so will also protect her from the harsh Singapore weather and keep her safe from accidents.

However, tops and skirts for girls are two of the most challenging clothing pieces any parent could style. Their looks often clash due to their shapes, patterns, and textures. To help you match your daughter’s skirt to a top, here are four tips to follow:

1. Go Tonal

Picking shirts and skirts for girls with a similar colour is arguably the easiest way to style these clothing pieces. You can choose items with the same hue, but you can also select outfits with a similar palette.

2. Partner Similar Patterns

If your baby owns a unicorn-printed skirt for girls, you can pair it with a top with unicorn prints to create a cohesive look. Mixing patterns can be daunting—but as long as you keep yourself from over-styling your little one’s attire, you will make good outfit-matching choices.

3. Play With Sizes

Size is crucial when pairing a skirt and top for your baby girl. You can play with your little one’s silhouette by pairing loose shirts with short skirts or matching tight-fitting blouses with long, textured bottoms. You can also keep this tip in mind when you style your outfit featuring a shirt and skirt!

4. Dare To Try Unusual Combinations

Dressing your kid does not come with strict rules. You can mix and match every top and skirt they have until you have the perfect pair. You can always purchase new girls clothes online in Singapore if you do not find anything in your youngster’s closet that matches.

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