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Some Fashion Trends For Women Over The Years

Women’s fashion is influenced by many factors like location, history and politics. The status of the women in the society also is responsible for the type of clothes she is expected to wear. Now, things have changed quite a bit and if you go to an online store like Veronica M, you will find many distinct styles of women’s clothing in one place.  But to understand current fashion we have to look at the past. So, here’s a  look at some of the fashion trends that have been around since the 1900s


In the early years of the 20th century, women had to have their legs covered at all times, so shoes, socks stockings etc. didn’t matter much as they would almost always be covered by the voluminous skirts or gowns that they used to wear.  Mostly the cloths were dark colored with silk bows and buckles. The shoes were pointed and had a moderate high heel.


In that era, the legs started gaining attention and they could be seen through women’s cloths. Flesh colored stockings and shoes became an important part of any outfit. Expensive silk stockings were worn in the evening and ribbed and patterned selections became part of the fashion trend.


At 1930, fashion trends veered towards clothes with decidedly feminine cuts. Clean and crisp in the day and glamorous during the evenings. Strappy open toed sandal made their way to the market. Nylon was introduced at that time so styles of stockings also changed significantly.


This was a time of turmoil for the world and fashion industry wasn’t immune.  Wooden soles and wedge heels were more commonly seen. Many a women painted their own shoes and dyed their own clothes during that time.


Start of glamour era. Women were seen wearing full skirts with petticoats, fancy suits became popular. Some women started to wear Italian shoes and stiletto. Also stockings which were seamless were in vogue..


Skirts became much shorter and miniskirts came into being. Pantyhose were a new addition too. Stockings were gone. Short dresses with flat boots were also in style. Pill box hat was introduced. Denim was introduced during that time.


Hippie look was the fashion of that era. Bellbottoms and miniskirts were the in thing. The shoes often had soles two to four inches thick. Jeans with wide leg and flared legs were part of fashion of that era.


Short hair and cloths of layers was the fashion. The fashion of 1980s is back again these days.


Capri pants, bootcut jeans, ponchos, hoodies and cut off denim shorts were what women loved most in 90s.


This era is a combination of all era. Trends include global and ethnic clothing; also there are fashion trends based on musical subcultures, like indie pop. Actually mind 2000s didn’t have any fixed type of fashion, it was an amalgamation of the fashion trends of the past.