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Three things you should know before you order your weed seeds


Are you all excited about your new cannabis cultivation project? You have indeed made a good decision to grow your own marijuana at home. The first and the most important benefit in growing your own weed is the cost savings. You will be surprised to learn how much you could actually save by growing your weeds. As you would know the first step in this process is looking for weed seeds for sale.

When you want order your weed seeds you should know about these three things. First, decide on the cultivation type. How are you planning to cultivate marijuana? Is it going to be indoor cultivation or is it going to be outdoor cultivation. If it is indoor cultivation, then you will need to order seeds that are meant for indoor cultivation and if its outdoor cultivation, you should order outdoor marijuana seeds. Do not order first and decide because outdoor marijuana will not do well indoor and vice versa. Know your cultivation type.

Secondly, before you start looking for your pot seeds for sale you should decide the genetic strain. This of course is not going to be an easy task for someone who is just beginning. There are countless genetic strains and each genetic strain has its pros and cons. Decide in advance which genetic strain that you would like to try. It is recommended that you order cannabis seeds that are easy to cultivate. If you go ahead with the most complicated and the exotic genetic strains, you could find yourself getting discouraged because you have not been so successful with your efforts. On the other hand, if you try beginner genetic strains, it will be easy to cultivate your marijuana and you will stay motivated all through the process and you will enjoy better rate of success.

Thirdly you need to know whether the online store you are planning to use for ordering your seeds sells good quality seeds. In other words, is your online store trustworthy? The seeds should be of good quality and the seeds should be able to give you the best yield. The germination rate should be high. Moreover the seedbank should ship your seeds in a timely fashion and deliver them without any delays. You are therefore required to carefully review and screen all these three factors without rushing through any of these steps so that you can be sure that you are sourcing the best quality seeds.  For you to be successful sourcing the finest quality seeds is very important. Do not therefore skip through any of these steps.

Above all, you will need to remain consistent in your efforts. You cannot be overly enthusiastic one day and totally out of sync the other day. Daily you should spend time with your plants trying to observe the changes in them. If there are any signs of infection of pest attack you should act immediately to restore your plants’ health to normal.