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Various Purposes and Uses of Native American Blankets

The personal wraps of the old west were trade blankets, which replaced the hand-woven blankets Native Americans wore as robes and dance wraps. They were also known as chief’s blankets or native American plush blankets because the chiefs of the tribes became known for the colourful trade blankets they wore. They became something of a status symbol. Chief Joseph of the Nez Peerce is one of the most well-known figures. As Europeans began to trade in North America, trade blankets became well-known and became synonymous with Indian blankets. The fact that Native Americans were both the primary market for sales of the southwest blankets and the primary inspiration for the designs and production of trade blankets makes the story quite intriguing. The ironic twist is that the blankets that became known as Indian blankets were not woven by Native Americans.

Native American Blankets –

Large weaving companies used a machine to make a trade blanket for the sole purpose of providing the Indians with the necessary blankets. After that, these blankets were delivered to frontier trading posts, where Native Americans would purchase and trade for them. Instead of a modern coat or jacket, the Native Americans wrapped themselves in trade blankets. Small blankets that we referred to as shawls, lap blankets, or throws were known as trade blankets. People began to refer to the trade blankets as “Indian blankets” because the Indians were the primary buyers and traders who purchased and used them. The blankets were well-constructed and developed patterns and designs that eventually came to be associated with blankets made by Native Americans.

Blankets for Decorations –

The lively appearance of the black, red, green, and white with white and other colourful accents became a favourite among all Americans. People all over the country became interested in the “Indian blankets,” which were used as accent pieces, decorative couch or chair covers, camping canoeing, and a new pastime called motoring. The Indian exchange covers were ideally suited for covering one’s legs uncovered while riding on a cart, sled or buggy, and later in the new horseless carriages. Native Americans from the American west, like the Navajo weavers, would actually trade the warmth and quality of the cheap trade blankets for their hand-woven Navajo blankets, which are now sought-after collectibles.

Native American Themes of the Blankets –

You also get these stunning modern personal-sized blankets in the spirit of the trade blankets that kept people warm and comfortable in the old west. You can use them to decorate the southwest, a cabin, lodge, or ranch, or a unique rustic or Native American room in your home. These western blankets can also be used as a personal cover for traveling in a car, a picnic blanket, an accent for interior design across a bed or chair, or to keep warm at sporting events held outdoors. Southwestern blankets are a must-have for any southwest style and one of the icons of southwest decor. Because of their widespread appeal, Indian-themed bedding is also paired with numerous other accents with Native American themes. The designs and themes that we all adore were influenced by Native Americans. The use of Indian blankets is documented in photographs, and we still enjoy the same southwestern blanket designs today. Southwest and western blankets add just the right amount of colour and texture to a cabin or log home.