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Why you should consider wearing a Celtic cross necklace

The Celtic Cross is a symbol that carries a deep cultural and religious significance to a lot of people. It’s an old Celtic symbol that has been around since as early as the 8th century (or even earlier), that has slowly grown in popularity around the world.

In the time of the Celts, this symbol was carved into rocks – the reason why is still unknown. Today, this symbol is growing more popular by the day! It can be seen on buildings, in peoples tattoos, in cemeteries, and in certain parts of the world, you can even find them scattered in fields and on top of mountains. 

However, one of the most common places you will see this symbol is on a necklace. Designers have taken this symbol and used it to craft incredible designs that amaze any that see them. 

If you aren’t doing so already, this is why you should consider wearing a Celtic Cross necklace:

To Celebrate your Faith:  

Celtic Crosses have become synonymous with Christianity. Many people choose to wear cross jewelry to celebrate their faith, but these minimalist designs while deeply symbolic, aren’t for everyone. Choosing a Celtic Cross necklace allows you to celebrate your faith your way. 

To Celebrate your Heritage: 

Not only do Celtic Crosses represent someone’s faith, but they also represent someone’s heritage. As a Celtic symbol, these crosses have a deep connection with people who have Scottish or Irish ancestry. This is why many people from these parts of the world choose Celtic Crosses for their tombstones. 

Wearing this cross will allow you to showcase your ancestry with pride and may even spark a conversation with someone about your background. A Celtic Cross necklace is also less permanent than a tattoo, so you can pick and choose when wish to show your pride and there are countless necklace designs to choose from. 

To make a Statement:

The Celtic Cross has become the inspiration for many artists to create some truly stunning pieces. Should you wish to own and wear a necklace that exhibits both creativity and craftsmanship, a Celtic Cross is an excellent choice. You can browse the various materials, designs, and necklaces available to find a Celtic Cross that you can wear proudly with any outfit. As fashion statements go, there are few that are as strong as wearing a Celtic Cross. 

Final Thoughts

If this isn’t enough reason to start wearing a Celtic Cross, consider this – what could this cross mean to you? This could be a symbol of inspiration, creativity, it’s up to you! All you need to do, is choose the necklace that suits you best and you’re set. 

Which Celtic Cross will you choose to wear?