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3 Instances Where You Can Wear Modern Batik In Singapore

Batik is a technique that involves wax-resist dyeing being applied to a whole cloth. It’s made either by drawing the lines and dots of the resist with a tool called a ‘canting’ or by printing the resist with a stamp made of copper called a ‘cap.’ The wax applied to the cloth resists dyes, giving the artisan the freedom to colour it selectively. The colouring process is done by soaking the fabric in the colour of choice and then removing the wax using boiling water. The cycle is repeated if there are additional colours.

The various designs found on batik clothing are culturally beautiful and simple in their way, making them perfect for any occasion. Some clothes are only appropriate for specific places and situations, but modern batik clothing in Singapore can be flexible in terms of where they’re worn. Here are three instances where you can wear batik.


Some people don’t see the importance of dressing nicely inside your house, but if you value what you wear in the comfort of your own home, batik is a perfect choice. If someone ever decides to visit without any warning, there won’t be a need to change out of your batik dress from Singapore since it doesn’t look underwhelming in any way. It’s simple enough to be worn at home, but it’s also pretty in the eyes of guests who come over to spend the afternoon. Not only does batik serve significantly in appearance, but it’s also very comfortable!


How you dress at work depends on the dress code provided by your employer. However, if your workplace doesn’t require you to dress a certain way, then modern batik can be one of your options due to how flexible its design is. Some clothes look too casual to be considered professional, while others might seem too much in comparison. Batik is just the right amount of simple and unique that can help you look dashing at work. A maxi dress from Singapore works, too, though!

Holidays And Parties

Although holidays and parties don’t have criteria regarding how you dress, you still need to wear something fun that shows your enthusiasm to join in the celebration. These occasions are for merriment and joy, so it’s best to wear a batik dress or blouse with bright colours to match the mood. Your friends or family members can pick up on the trend and wear batik as well for the next gathering instead of a cotton dress from Singapore.

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