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3 Things To Look For When Buying Baby Shampoo

When we buy ourselves shampoo, it only requires us to check if it has a good scent, provides good benefits for your hair’s health, and whether or not it’s meant for natural or dyed hair. Purchasing shampoo and other hair products has always been that simple, especially when you know what you need, but it’s another story when it concerns a baby. Babies are tiny, giving us the impression that buying something for them wouldn’t be that difficult. However, due to how young and small they are, they’re far weaker and more prone to specific health issues since everything is still developing, which is why buying baby shampoo requires you to consider a few things.

Babies have sensitive skin compared to adults, including the skin on their scalp. There are respective shampoos for babies and adults because particular chemicals and fragrances used in adult shampoos are not suitable for babies. Baby shampoos are made with ingredients that are clinically proven to be safe for use since they won’t bring about side effects. Here is a short list of things to consider when buying shampoo for your baby.

1. Skin Type

The first thing you should keep in mind is your baby’s skin type. There are five main baby skin types: dry, normal-dry, normal, normal-sensitive, and sensitive. Dry skin is usually found on newborn babies, appearing flaky with rough patches littered across their skin. For this type of skin, it’s best to find a shampoo that offers extra moisture and nourishment to help develop the scalp’s skin a bit more. Normal dry skin is when the skin of newborns is only dry on the surface. Normal skin is soft and supple, normal-sensitive skin has red patches from itching, and sensitive skin develops various symptoms. Aside from shampoo, buying baby lotion can help with the skin on the baby’s body.

2. Fragrance-Free

Buying a shampoo that will make your baby’s hair smell good may be on your list of requirements, but going for something without any fragrance is recommended. Hair products in Singapore that have particular scents use chemicals to attain their fragrance. These chemicals and sweeteners can be a bit harmful to your child’s hair and scalp, so it’s best to find something that doesn’t have any particular scent to them.

3. Natural Ingredients

That being said, hair care products for babies that have natural ingredients instead of those harsh chemicals are known to be the better choice. Some shampoos are made with natural ingredients that keep your baby’s hair clean and healthy.

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