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4 Tips for Choosing a Newborn Gift Set for the Baby & Mama

It is an exciting moment when you learn a friend or a relative is pregnant with a little angel. It is the start of a new adventure for them. Picking something the baby and the mother will like is the first thing to remember when shopping for newborn gift sets around Singapore. It should be something that both adults and children will find funny and beneficial. Moreover, it is imperative to be practical while choosing personal gifts. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect items.

#1 Practicality

The truth of having a baby is priorities shift, and everyday living expenses rise. Pick valuable gifts that will provide the baby and the parents with great benefits. Babies go through many diapers daily, so getting your buddy a couple of large packs might be beneficial. Other beneficial presents to seek from a newborn gift set are soft play mats, muslins, and blankets.

#2 Personal Value

There are various exceptional and sturdy personalized baby gifts around Singapore to select from for a newborn. Moreover, the internet has given access to a world of custom-created baby grows, teddy bears, and hand-embroidered blankets. There are lots of beautiful presents out there that your friend or relative will like.

#3 Consider the Parents

Consider the parents when putting together your newborn gift set, especially the mom. They had been through a lot during her pregnancy and childbirth. You could also purchase something for the parents to enjoy. It may be some essential oils or treatments to aid recovery, some of their favourite sweets or a baby sling to make their lives simpler while out and about.

#4 Distinct & Unique

You may also be inventive with your personalised newborn gifts. Select impactful items the new parents may not have realised they needed. Consider a Baby Food Processor or a pressure cooker for new parents so they can still have great home-prepared meals without spending much time in the kitchen.

Pineapple was created by two friends while shopping for baby shower gifts. They aim to expand the selection of personalised newborn and mother gifts available to everyone on the island by offering affordable baby girl and boy gift bundles. The two founders handpicked the selection of items that go into each set or hamper.

Are you looking for the perfect bundle of items for your pregnant friend or relative? Visit Pineapple and check out their newborn gift set and hamper selection that will fit everyone’s preferences.