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Air Purifiers Debunked: 4 Misconceptions Worth Knowing

Due to the ongoing global epidemic, air quality has become a hot-button issue recently. Demand for more cleansed air has skyrocketed as more people and companies realise its importance. Many people have no idea what an air purifier is or how it works. An air purifier in Singapore has a lot of misconceptions and rumours out there, and today we’re here to clear things out.

Misconception #1: The quality of the air does not matter.

One of the most common myths we hear is that air quality isn’t necessary. In reality, poor air quality can cause many health issues, including eye, throat, nose irritation, weariness, heart disease, and even cancer.

Quality of air in the workplace or house is critical when individuals spend most of their time inside. It is possible to improve indoor air quality and health by using a HEPA air purifier in Singapore or a sterilising unit.

Misconception #2: Air purifiers are ineffective.

These air purifier systems in Singapore are quickly dismissed by doubters as a waste of time and money. When these machines are running, they are supposed to be silent and still, so it’s easy to think nothing happens.

Misconception #3: Purifiers won’t work if the windows are open.

Due to open windows, doors, and huge rooms, many people worry that even the best air purifier in Singapore won’t be effective in industrial environments. It doesn’t matter if your windows are open or closed; the outside air is usually cleaner than the air inside.

Misconception #4: Purifier filters never need to be changed.

Investing in one air purifier in Singapore isn’t enough for many businesses. Filters are used to clean the air. However, they become clogged and can no longer function correctly. If you don’t pay attention to this, your equipment will become worthless because it won’t be able to capture particles in the air.

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