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Buying Tissue Box or Toilet Paper – 3 Practical Ways To Save More

Baby wipes and toilet papers are staples and more of a commodity per household since the pandemic. Whether you’re buying toilet paper or baby wipes in Singapore for everyday use, many are still highly in demand for stocking-up rolls for their household or workplace establishment.  

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitary items, such as tissue papers and baby wipes, have increased their cost globally by a large margin. The reported price increases for tissue papers soared by almost 49% in contrast to before the 2020 pandemic—according to a data report. Hence, buying a single roll of toilet paper nowadays is more expensive. However, while the increasing expenses for sanitary items (and other basic needs) have increased, there are ways to save money by buying toilet paper or tissue box in Singapore:

1. Have a ration of tissue paper per person

It’s practical to have a ration of toilet paper per person in your household. If you are committed to saving more money on toilet rolls, you can implement a ration by allowing a set of rolls per head each month. If you buy a box of toilet paper, you wouldn’t have to worry about depleting your stock fast. It also prevents anyone from grabbing a handful of tissue paper for no reason (especially kids). 

2. Consider using less each use

While there are exact rules as to how much toilet paper a person would need per bathroom use, we often rip off many that are hardly ever used. A single 4 ply toilet paper can be depleted quickly without proper control, especially when your kids will use it. It may be a good time for them to introduce the idea of being resourceful and not wasting tissue paper each use. Making a conscious effort will make a difference in how your household uses and consumes toilet paper.

3. Make calculations on how much you’re getting

Instead of picking the cheapest ones, you can find on the supermarket shelves, why not do a bit of maths first? You can pull off your phone’s calculator app if you want to reduce the cost of buying tissue paper. Make a computation for determining the factor for sheets per roll versus total cost. To do this, multiply the number of sheets per roll by the number of rolls per pack and see the contrast in the number of sheets per brand.

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