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Common misconceptions about proposing to a partner

When it comes to proposals, it seems everywhere you look there’s someone with an opinion on how they should be done. In days gone by, these were easily avoided. Today, thanks to social media, everyone is sharing their proposals – and their opinions – for all to see. This can make the ‘rules’ of proposing very confusing, especially when all you’re trying to do is get it right.

Many people will have you believe that there are rules and certain things you need to do. However, many of these things are simply myths or cheeky sales tactics.

So, to help you separate fact from fiction, here are the most common misconceptions about proposing to a partner!

The ring has to cost a certain amount

One of the most common myths about wedding rings that you may have heard is that the ring needs to cost at least 3 months salary. This simply isn’t true, and is merely a sales tactic for jewelers. There is no set price for rings. What matters more is that you get your partner something you know they will love.

It must be a diamond

Believe it or not, an engagement ring doesn’t need to have a diamond in it. In fact, it doesn’t even need to have a stone. Again, there is no hard and fast rule about the ‘correct’ engagement ring. If your partner wants a diamond, that is perfectly ok. They may be forever, but they aren’t for everybody. If you’re uncertain about what they would like – ask! This leads into our next point.

You should know your partners dream proposal

If your partner hasn’t told you how they would like to be proposed to, how are you supposed to know what they want? If you don’t want to ask them explicitly what they want, try to bring the topic up of proposals and see what they have to say. Your partner may give you some hints so you know where to start.

The man has to propose

In days gone by, this may have been the case – but not anymore. Anyone can propose in a relationship! What matters is the intention behind the gesture, not who performs it. However, there is still somewhat of a social expectation for men to propose so if you’d like to take matters into your own hands, mention it first to see how they feel about it. It might be really important to them to be the one who proposes.

It has to be a complete surprise

For starters, pulling of a proposal that is a complete surprise is tricky. A lot things happen during the planning that can tip your partner off. What we mean by this is that you can discuss proposing and marriage with your partner before you do it – if anything, it’s better that you do. It’s important that you both get on the same page before taking this big step.

Someone needs to propose

Believe it or not, you can just as committed to your partner without getting married. If you want to get married – great! But you don’t have to. Speak to your partner about what they want your future to look like and take things from there.