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Different Kinds of Fabric – Choose Right Kind for Making Kids and Baby Clothes

Moms with sewing skills desire to stitch different kinds of clothes for their babies or even gift them on occasions. Finding the perfect fabric is a big problem, so consider the following tips, which help you in choosing the right material.

  • For newborn, make sure the fabric is soft and non-irritating. It has to be comfortable against cut umbilical cord.

  • Older kids need major consideration towards comfort and safety. Don’t choose thick, slippery, or clingy material, but a breathable one.

Different kinds of materials for making babies and older kids clothes


The first choice is cotton because it surpasses all the criteria like permeable, comfortable, and breathable. There are myriads of cotton types. Every smooth soft fabric is not cotton. After one wash, it can turn rough and irritate the skin, or if there is a blend of synthetic fibers, your kid will feel uncomfortable.

Lawn cotton is 100% pure lightweight cotton material, suitable for designing kids and baby clothes. It is extremely soft to touch and popular for sewing christening gowns. Lightweight materials are beneficial because the clothes dry fast or else at the rate babies need change of clothes you will need a vast wardrobe.


Almost gauze like voile is semi sheer fabric. It is much thinner than lawn cotton. See through, somewhat crisp, free-flowing and suitable to design little dresses. Best material options for smocking.


Broadcloth has lustrous surface texture along with fine rib effect. Dresses and gowns can be made with this lightweight, smooth cotton blend.

Handkerchief linen

Semi sheer lightweight linen includes a little texture on its surface. Perfect fabric for heirloom projects. Elegant christening gowns are designed and even gathered dresses can be sewed.


Muslin is available in variety of weights ranging from extremely thin to dense and even coarse. Thin muslin is the best fabric for making tiny clothes as it is 100% cotton and breathable. It is preferred to make swaddle clothes, cloth diapers, burp clothes, covers, etc. Suitable fabric for petticoat lining worn under dresses. Gauze is muslin fabric with little wrinkled look.


Open weave soft cotton fabric but not transparent like lawn fabric or voile, Swiss batiste material is popular for sewing nightgowns and baby dresses.

Jersey knit fabric

Jersey knit fabrics are soft breathable and easy stretchable, therefore favorite for designing children’s attire.


Fleece is alternative for kid’s winter clothes. Keeps body warm and easy to wash and dry.

Kids desire comfortable attire in which they can move freely. Chosen material makes her feel that way, so choose fabric wisely.