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Earring: An Age-Old Statement Jewellery Piece

Jewellery in every form, mainly earrings has been a necessary part of a woman’s wardrobe since ancient times. A pair of the ring or an earring can take your outfit to a greater level. Jewellery doesn’t only adorn your beauty, but it serves various purposes. Every jewellery piece has its individual story, and it reflects its making and complements your personality. It gives a proper look at your appearance and completes your look. The important element that you can add to your jewellery besides your bracelets and rings are earrings.

Earrings are just like spices. They give a shape to your face and make you look pretty. They provide you with a new look besides adding style. There are several new earrings designs that come up in the market on a daily basis and so, getting a perfect one can be a very daunting experience. Due to e-commerce, you can now purchase a traditional earring, fashion earring, and other jewellery earrings online. This way, you will be freed from the hassle of walking for very long hours and you will get your preferred one very easily.

Silver-toned jhumkas

The silver-toned jhumkas are circular shaped. They can be worn along with boho maxi, pastel-coloured top, or a kurta having light embroidery work. It adds an ethnic touch and can be worn with casual clothing in the day time.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings look great with short dress and heels. They are perfect for parties where you can gain attention.

Drop Earrings

This earring is long, bright and gorgeous, and women are bestowed with a gold-toned drop earring. The drop earring can be worn alongside any boho or ethnic outfit, mainly indoors. Again, lighting will make your earrings shine.

Double-sided Drop Earrings

Women are extremely fond of this earring. This pair is great mainly if you want to add a little bit of style and innocence to your outfit. This pair of earring has a base that is secured with a back closure. Any floral print outfit will go with this pair and can make you look pretty even without makeup.


Jhumka is a piece of beautiful Indian jewellery. It is bell-shaped, and women love wearing it. It comes in silver, gold, and in many different colours. You can select and pair it according to the saree you are wearing, be it a traditional silk saree or a cotton saree. You can also pair it with suits and other Indian attire too.


If you like minimalism, then the best earrings are studs. Studs are jewellery that fits your ears in a great way. It is available in different patterns and different designs, and you can choose them according to your outfit, be it suit, western wear, or even a saree.

Trendy Tassel Earring

Tassel jewellery has caught the attention of many women and designers are incorporating gemstones, crystals, and others on them. Tassel is a good way to add colour to an outfit, whether it is jeans or an evening dress. When the matter involves tassel earrings, then they are available in different fabrics, metals and small stones. You can pair them with trendy outfits. For your evening wear, you can choose glossy pairs, and for daytime wear, you can opt for neutral tones.

You can choose a long tassel earring and wear it with a jumpsuit and a high ponytail. It will also complement a black top, distressed jeans, and a back bun. After all beads look very lovely in a tassel earring. You can find it in a vibrant colour combination, and it can be worn with daily outfits. You can opt for a silk tassel earring too. Silk gives shine, and this earring looks decent as well as luxurious.