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Great a Handy Girl Boss Office

Do you own an online business and are in need of some Handy tips to spruce up your at-home office area? The environment that you surround yourself in has a great impact on your conscious and mental health. That’s why when you don’t hire a Handy professional to clean up the mess that sometimes piles up after working all-day on your business, there are a few desk accessories that you can use to help keep yourself organized in the meantime.

Research has denoted that the desk you work at can have a big effect in the way you succeed at your job. It’s time to get yourself focused with these few bullet-proof items that can give your space a full 180 transformation.

  1. In the office area, it’s easy to have a few baubles lying around. From tape, scissors, cream, tea bags and a few notebooks—your space can feel cluttered and cramped in no time. Instead, simply use a leather catcher for all these loose items to keep your stationary together in one place. If leather isn’t your thing, go for a sweet wicker tray instead.
  2. Perhaps you have many notebooks or books on your bookshelf that need to be kept together. A handy tip is to always exude structure and minimalism with a couple marble bookends.
  3. Want to look extra polished, especially when on the go to important meetings with your documents? Toss your beige folders aside and opt for a vegan file-folder that resembles a massive envelope.
  4. Go chic with a Medieval, dual-toned desk lamp for when you burn the midnight oil.
  5. Papers be gone with a neat saddle ring desk file organizer. Gold or silver accents bring the richness to your environment.
  6. You can’t go wrong with a pot of fresh flowers. Bring plants into your space, such as ferns or succulents. A cool wallpaper on one side of your walls such as pink peonies or tropical leaf inspiration can automatically amp up your place. Make yourself a little reading nook with a fuzzy throw for when you need a brain break.