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Know all about the Three Trending Tips for Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Summary: Are you wondering how to be the prettiest bridesmaid in the room? Are you thinking of wearing a burgundy dress? Read to know more.

Burgundy is a popular shade for being one of the richest colors in the palette. Nowadays, the bridesmaids do not put on beige or other neutral shades anymore. They all go in for a bright and eye-catching shade like burgundy. Moreover, the classic shade creates a glamorous contrast with the white fairy-like wedding gown of the bride. So, the winter colors are not dull anymore and the wedding decks up in the gorgeous colors.

As you are already aware of the vibrancy found in burgundy, the bridal squad can brighten up the mood with the color. It is definitely a winter color because of the classic shade. However, the color is still not very popular among the bridesmaids. Needless to say, the bridesmaids craving to deck up in burgundy require extra help. Go through the following tips to know how one should look dazzling with a burgundy dress.

Velvety Burgundy may be a Game Changer

Did you know that burgundy bridesmaid dresses can be customized from scratch? Yes, it is true that you can even choose the fabric type. As burgundy has a rich texture, you can play it around with a velvety fabric. Of course, velvet comes in different styles including silk velvet, viscose velvet, and synthetic velvet. For the formal events or evening gowns, each fabric goes pretty well. When it is for a wedding scene, silk velvet, rayon velvet, and synthetic velvet are good choices. Silk velvet brings out soft, shimmering, and smooth texture that can maintain the glam of being a bridesmaid. Nevertheless, the velvet will attain sophistication like no other fabric. When you are a bridesmaid, you need to look gorgeous. To finish off the look, you can select a pair of black satin pumps.

Polka Dots are Still in the Game

It is 2019 and polka dots are still trending. No, you do not have to wear a polka dot dress but you can wear a pair of polka dot shoes. Everyone knows that the polka dots go well with different prints. They are great for floral prints but the burgundy floral prints are not what a bridesmaid should wear. Instead, you can find something featuring the intricate flower-work. A bridesmaid can choose a knee-length dress to match with the romantic theme. A short chiffon dress with detailed lacework is simply perfect for the bridal squad. Now, with such a pretty dress, you need a pair of cute shoes. In this case, polka dots are the best to go with. If you wish to stand out from the whole squad, you can sport a pair of tan leopard suede pumps.

Don’t Shy away from Layering it up

If you are wearing a burgundy dress, you have multiple choices to add layers. If it is a winter wedding, how can you miss out on this beautiful outfit? Start the list with cardigans that will step up the game and make you sexy at the same time. Apart from a gray cardigan, you can choose a white coat. The mix of win and milk never makes a bad combination ever. Moreover, a black blazer is famous for making you stand out from the rest. Or, a light tone can do wonders for the entire look. If you are a fan of black but not a blazer, a leather jacket never makes a moment dull. If you are going with it, you can try to keep an all-black base carefully.

Now, you are all set for a glamorous look, right? Don’t worry about the pocket pinch because there is a wide range of cheap bridesmaid dresses available.

Author bio: Susanna R. Spears is a fashion blogger who offers numerous tips on buying cheap bridesmaid dresses. Here, she talks about the trending tips to follow before wearing burgundy bridesmaid dresses at your best friend’s wedding.