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Pain-Free Hair Removal Method – Musee Ipl

Everyone loves to groom themselves and look presentable. A part of grooming is hair removal. There are various ways of body hair removal. They are removing body hair by the root or only surface hair removal. When it comes to removing hair by the root, there are methods such as waxing, epilating, and threading. When it comes to surface hair removal methods, it includes electric shaving, wet shaving using moistened blades, and hair removal creams. These are all the methods that have been used over many years. Another way is laser hair removal.

The various methods:

Overall, these methods, there is a newer method. It is called the intense pulsed light (ipl) method. This method uses light to disable hair growth. This is essentially pigment-based treatment and is based on the latest technology. This method is performed at quite a few places. One such place is the Musee platinum in Tokyo. It is a hair removal salon that provides musee ipl treatment. This treatment is also called S.S.C, that is, smooth skin control hair removal treatment. This method targets the regenerative ability of the hair.

About the treatment:

In the musee ipl treatment, a specially formulated gel is used. It is applied to the already grown hair. This part of the skin is then subjected to light treatment. After the treatment, the hair falls out within 2 weeks. Multiple rounds of this treatment will give you smooth skin without any rashes. It is a simple process.

This is how exactly the hair removal process goes about.

  1. You have to have a consultation session to discuss your skin and your hair removal procedure. In this session, the type of service will also be discussed. Also, a time slot will be booked for your session.
  2. According to your session time, you will undergo hair removal treatment using the optical device. The amount of light to be provided will be based on skin type, hair quality, and hair volume.
  3. After this is determined, a specially formulated gel will be applied to stop hair growth on the skin.
  4. This is the main step in the process. In this part, the part of your skin on which gel is applied is then exposed to light for a period of 3-minutes. It is a pain-free process.
  5. After the session, the area is moisturized to soothe and cool the skin. The hair will fall out in two weeks.

This method is preferred as it takes less time, it does not cause pain. The benefits being that it does not damage the skin, rather it gives your skin a smooth feel because of moisturizing. Compared to this method, wax removal and laser treatments are painful and cause skin damage. Thus, this method by Musee is preferred by its clients. They highly recommended it. You give it a try or at least have a free consultation to know more about the same.