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Sale Watches on the Internet

For a few years now, the internet has changed the world of commerce. In the watch and jewelry sectors, the digital transition has been much slower than for other sectors. However, today there are many e-commerce sites that sell watches, mostly in the low end. So, let’s discover now e-commerce and watchmaking, one of the places where you can buy watches.

A Smooth Start

Only fifteen years ago, nobody thought they could sell something as luxurious as a watch on the internet. However, a few years later, many players in the distribution of watches have launched and even some brands market directly their products through this channel.

Luxury Products and Internet

However, it is important to differentiate between entry-level watches, which have quickly turned to the digital channel, and luxury watchmaking, which has had a hard time getting over it. This can be explained very simply by the fact that it is easier to sell low-end products on the internet, because customers will look for less advice, but also, they will not want to have such a deep sales experience. However, it’s totally different when it comes to a luxury player. Customers who are willing to spend several thousand USD on a watch often wait for something when they buy: a pleasant welcome, precise explanations from the seller about the watch, the test, etc.

It is for this reason that the arrival of medium, high-end and luxury watches, in fact all that is above $1.000, on the internet has been long. First of all, consumers had to get used to buying on the internet, to be ready to buy more luxurious goods. It also had to be able to offer them a shopping experience that could not offer web technology a few years ago.

Offer a Digital Shopping Experience

Today, with the smartphone, the tablet and the computer, all this with a fast internet, it is possible to offer sites with many features.

The purchase of a luxury product such as watchmaking can be accompanied by a telephone order, a concierge service, the ability to make a list, a configurator watches, a selector watch that offers the watch you need according to several criteria, the ability to share on social networks, etc. Do not forget to put many pictures, sometimes a video and to have as much information as possible about the watch you buy.

It is even possible to develop e-commerce via an application on his smartphone as did Piaget.

Different Strategies of Swiss Watch Brands

While resellers specializing in entry-level brands quickly went on the internet, just like some independent jewelers or watchmakers, the brands took longer.

However, since 2010 and even more in 2015, many houses have started selling by allowing the purchase on their website. This is particularly the case for brands such as Tissot, Longines, Cartier or Piaget. On the other hand, big players such as Rolex, Omega or Breitling do not engage in e-commerce, which could be harmful for them in the longer term. There are many benefits, but also some disadvantages for brands and consumers.


For customers, buying on the internet saves a lot of time, the opportunity to discover a potentially unlimited choice of watches, the ability to quickly see the characteristics of selected models.

For brands, it’s the possibility of being available everywhere, even where there is no shop. It is also the possibility of setting up a marketing universe, especially when it comes to its dedicated website.


For consumers, the big weak point will be the impossibility of trying the watch and the fact of not having a direct relationship with a seller. We must also count on the delivery which can sometimes be long.

For watchmakers, there is especially the fear of losing the relationship with the customer and not to give him a sales experience at the height of the watch he buys.

As has been said, there are not yet many brands on the internet. We can, however, find names like Tissot, Longines or Piaget.

Looking for Unique Men’s Watches?

There are many choices among men’s watches. It all depends on what they need in terms of watch and the specific style they are looking for. For those who want to show the best of themselves every day and proudly display their favorite brands, opt for men’s luxury watches with cold and silver accents or for branded watches.

Chronograph watches feature a chronograph with a precision of one second that measures up to 60 seconds and displays time in 12 or 24 hour format, while sport watches and diving watches allow them to dive in the depths while enjoying the wearing of their watch.

Embellish any Outfit with Women’s Watches

The best watches for women are the mirror of their personality and their tastes. Women’s watches come in a variety of styles, from dress watches for the office, to trendy timepieces to showcase their favorite brands wherever they go.

Women’s sports watches and chronograph watches will always go at their own pace no matter what they do: whether climbing mountains or running a marathon. With silicone wristbands and fun and functional watch dials, they will be stylish and wear a comfortable accessory, no matter what terrain they are on.

Watch Accessories

Watches are incredibly versatile accessories. Indeed, you can change the look of your watch simply by replacing the bracelet. Personalize your watch with a variety of bracelets: leather, crocodile skin leather, nylon, stainless steel, etc.

In addition, if you wish to present your watch or a collection of watches, you can put it in a box specially designed for this purpose and thus protect it when you do not wear it. If your watch needs a new battery to keep running, find a replacement battery from the online selection.

Repairing your watch and keeping it in perfect condition is so simple when you can find replacement parts online.