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Sustainable Beauty: 5 Ways To Repurpose Dead Flowers 

A hydrangea bouquet in Singapore may be temporary, but its beauty and lustre are not. You don’t have to feel sad about it because you can do anything about it. Unleash your creative side and repurpose them into adorable pieces of art. Explore this list to learn more.


Making potpourri is one way to showcase the beauty of preserved flowers in Singapore. First, give them extra time to dry further. It helps you achieve the desired texture. Second, prepare your preferred essential oils and mix them with your dried flowers. After that, you bake everything. You can place them in beautiful glassware or anywhere you like that needs decoration.


Add colour to your beautiful memories by adding preserved flowers in Singapore. Unlike potpourris, there is no need to prepare them. All you have to do is glue or tape them onto your desired spot. They make good borders or embellishments on the corners of pictures. You can also make them a decoration for the cover of your scrapbook.


Imagine having a fragrant and beautiful candle. First, add your favourite preserved flowers in Singapore to the wax to create an artwork. Next would be choosing an essential oil that matches the colour of the flower. You can make this a weekend hobby or an exciting small business.


Buy a generic clear case from a retailer and pick from the dead hydrangea bouquet in Singapore. You also need an adhesive to secure the flower in place. It makes a meaningful gift to someone that will instantly brighten their day.


You can use the dead pieces from your fresh flower delivery in Singapore for gifts. The beauty of the dried flowers adds charm to the present because it is not your typical one. (Tip: this works well for people who want to achieve a rustic tone.)

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