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Used iPhone VS Brand New iPhone In Singapore: Which Is A Reasonable Buy

There are tons of smart phone options in Singapore, all ranging from cheapest to most expensive to the most basic to the most advanced. Despite the smartphone variety, people will opt for the iPhone. The iPhone is considered, if not the top, one of the top smartphones worldwide. There are plenty of reasons why the iPhone and all Apple products garner superior recognition from the public. Apple is the pioneer in almost all feature upgrades people now enjoy on their phones. They constantly upgrade their tech for improved user experience. The Apple brand also gives an upper-class distinction from other smartphone brands. The more Apple products you have, the richer you are. But brand new iPhone smartphones in Singapore are expensive. It is why some people opt for much affordable used or refurbished iPhones. But are they reasonable to buy?
Which Is A Reasonable Buy: Used iPhone VS Brand New iPhone In Singapore Apple launches their new iPhones almost annually. Some people tend to sell their last year’s iPhone in Singapore to grab the newest one. A one-year-old iPhone is still considered new and used iPhone buyers target these iPhones. But would used iPhones suffice for the upgrades of brand new ones? Are they a good deal?


Brand New iPhone

Generally, brand new and latest models of iPhones are the most expensive in the market. Certain factors add to the price, such as the storage capacity, the retailer’s additional cost, and more. The average price of an iPhone 13 Pro Max in Singapore today ranges from SGD 1,700 to SGD 2,600, depending on the storage capacity.

Used iPhone

Second-hand phones are the best option for people who want affordable smart phones, s. Certain factors affect the price of used iPhones in the market, such as age, wear and tear, and hardware and software damage. The average price of a used iPhone 13 Pro Max in Singapore ranges from SGD 1,200 to SGD 1,900, depending on the storage capacity and condition of the phone. The price of a used iPhone can be more or less than 15% of the original price. It can already be a huge discount for people who can’t afford an iPhone subscription plan.


Brand New iPhone

There is nothing to explain about the condition of a brand new iPhone in Singapore. Its quality is spot on, from the hardware to the software. Smartphones undergo rigorous quality assurance before they hit the market. If there are issues with the iPhone, Apple provides a one-year warranty for their products. Customers can claim this warranty if they purchase a legitimate iPhone.

Used iPhone

The condition of used iPhones varies. Some second-hand iPhones in the market have cracks on the screen, are extremely dirty, or are damaged on the hardware. But there are also second-hand iPhones with hardware as good as new. These are usually the year-old iPhones and can also be a bit pricey for a used phone. On the other hand, the software of the used iPhone remains the same as long as they are updated regularly. Outdated software may have slight performance issues. Fortunately, Apple still awards warranties to used iPhones even if they changed owners. However, the used iPhone should still be within the one-year warranty; those that are a year older will not be eligible for claims. The new owner should also present the official receipt when claiming the warranty.


Brand New iPhone Brand new iPhone users enjoy the iPhone’s functionalities and latest features for recent models. Many people buy the iPhone for its functionality and ability, such as the extended battery life, better adaptive refresh rates, haptic touch, better display, and new colours. Used iPhone The functionality of a used iPhone in Singapore is subpar to the latest models. The phone’s condition also affects some of the functionalities of the second-hand iPhone. For example, outdated second-hand iPhones have a more terrible camera than the new models. The four-your old used iPhone may have a drastically short battery life. There may also be issues with the phone’s speakers, screen and buttons, especially since the phone was previously soaked in the water. These are the common issues people who want affordable smart phones face when buying a used iPhone. The buyer must check the hardware and software functionalities of the phone before paying for it. Slightly used iPhones in excellent conditions will perform their functions well. These are the ideal second-hand iPhones to buy.

Refurbished VS Used iPhone
Besides the used iPhone, there are also refurbished iPhones. Refurbished iPhone is a used iPhone in Singapore that Apple has restored by fixing and replacing damaged components with genuine iPhone parts. Refurbished iPhones are put on sale. Refurbished iPhones can be more expensive than second-hand iPhones but are cheaper than brand new ones. Apple also provides a one-year warranty to certified refurbished iPhones. These phones can be an alternative to second-hand iPhones. However, refurbished iPhones from an unauthorised repair centre may not be as good as Apple’s certified refurbished iPhones. They are not covered by warranty as well. Remember, Apple is the only one that can refurbish iPhones. Apple does not support a third-party service refurbishing iPhones. There are risks to buying a refurbished iPhone from another company, such as the component replacement may not be a genuine Apple part. It is advisable to buy a refurbished iPhone from Apple stores in Singapore.


With tons of smart phone options in Singapore, the iPhone remains superior for many. But for those who can’t afford an iPhone subscription plan, used iPhones are the second best choice. Brand new and used iPhones have their fair share of pros and cons. People should keep these things in mind when choosing between the two. Besides the advantages and disadvantages, people should also check their considerations, including the price, feature and technology, device reliability, maintenance, and lifespan. Are you looking for affordable smart phones in Singapore? ITEZ.SG has it all for you. ITEZ.SG has vast collections of androids and iPhones. Visit ITEZ.SG today for more information.