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Get the eyes stare a little up .. yeah on the Head!!

  1. The swirls on the your locks will rock if they are red. Match the hair with your outfit without changing your original hair. Even if you are having a bad hair day, this stupendous looking red hair wig will get you out from the bad hair day and will bring the bounce back into your life. the wig is well crafted from fine hair and is burgundy in color that matches all color outfits including black. So enhance your beauty when you engender more through this amazing and passionate red color. The swirls are shoulder length and hence apt for any body type.
  2. Be conventional in this hairstyle of center parting and straight hair. The length of the hair is fairly long that will look amazing with any kind of dress from the very conventional to the extremely contemporary couture and that’s precisely the reason why all like it so much. The hair style will cover half your forehead and exposes your face clearly. The scarlet and bright red color of the wig enhances the complexion too and appears best when embellished with a simple blingy pin. The bottom of the hair are neat and well trimmed and certainly fits like you’ve grown them on your own. View more here.
  1. The bold and beautiful stands conformed through this half and half colored wig that goes with all complexions. If you have oval face or square shaped face, go for this half and half burgundy and black colored wig. This hairstyle goes best with an office meeting, or an office party where you are formally, yet glamorously dressed. The bands on one side of the wig enhances the demure look and makes you look feminine, and the other side can be pushed behind the ears for a better look. The cut is semi blunt with twirls which makes it overall a very appealing wig, especially the bangs that keeps you sorted.
  1. Wearing any color dress and matching the hair with it is no more a matter of worry. Chill and relax when you have this multi colored wig that matches and contrasts perfectly well with all kinds of outfits and is perfect for any occasion. The bangs that are there give you a softer look on the face and are very well cut in synthetic that harms nothing. The wig is an easy take care item of the wardrobe that you may use multiple times to complete the look. Buy this from Rosegal along with many other surprising options to complete your look!