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6 Tips For A Cool T-Shirt Packaging Design

Presentation, some say, is everything and it goes long way to sell your product. Many designers of good T-shirts fail to acknowledge this crucial level in their clothing business, which limits their sales. The way some tees are packed, you will appreciate them so much that you will not want to even open them. Some top-class clothing companies such as Jonny cupcakes make amazing T-shirts with an outstanding and catchy packaging and they are always innovative in their delivery experience. The ways T-shirts are packaged creates a long-lasting impression in the minds of customers. Therefore, deliberate effort must be put in place when packaging quality T-shirts so as to enhance sales. Some tips to guide your packaging design are outlined below.

#1: Incorporate branding into your packaging

One amazing trick to packaging design is to include some branding designs into your packaging. One notable industry that employs this technique is the Amon clothing. They include the many triangular designs on their brand all over their packaging material too.

#2: Consider rolling up

Baffs are known for this packaging design. T-shirts are rolled up to avoid wrinkles on it and also make it look cool. You can adopt this strategy to carve out your own selling point.

#3: Utilize eco-friendly materials

Materials such as papers, nylons etc. that can be recycled easily without constituting a recalcitrant and environmental pollution are best options for packaging design. JWT Beirut are known for their station that produce packages of various shapes and sizes from eco-friendly materials.

#4: Combine materials

Sometimes great T-shirt boxes can be made from materials such as PVC normally found in hardware stores. Try out some new designs with several materials and you would be amazed at the stunning and attractive result you may achieve.

# 5: Build beautiful display patterns

Some Swedish clothing brand such as Cicatriz design packaging materials in an appealing manner. When several packaging boxes are stacked together, they look better because they display a consistent pattern.

#6: Be unique

It is actually no crime to go a bit cheesy. Do something different. Sometimes just a little image on the packaging box or material can make a whole lot of difference and heighten visual appeal.

Forever Gold clothing made a unique packaging design by including a pineapple image on the front of all their packages. There is no clothing industry that does something similar. Add a different touch-be unique. Visiting such stores like Displetech could just be where you need to begin your journey.