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Truest Options for Skin Care Choices

It is therefore fundamental to scrupulously remove your sunscreen at the end of the exhibition (do not wait until evening if you come back from the beach at the end of the afternoon. Do it right away). And as it is a very resistant product, a “classic” cleaning will often be insufficient. So you have to adopt a specific cleaning.

Little tips:

Double cleaning: to effectively clean a stubborn product like sunscreen, a first dry cleaning with an oily texture (vegetable oil type) is ideal. The oil attracts the oil to it, and will dislodge the sunscreen. Afterwards, it suffices to use a conventional cleaner, such as foam, cleaning gel or cold soap to dissolve everything and rinse well. This is the principle of double cleaning, which I often talk about, especially in my free anti-acne method. The double cleaning allows a deep cleaning of the skin, and remains a very good way to remove sunscreen. With the Acne Skin Care Cream  you can have the best deals present.

Acne cream: double cleaning requires a little time, and I’m “lazy” on vacation. This is why I have a big preference in summer for a really original and “all-in-one” product. It is a very skin-friendly gel balm. It is based on sugar esters, which imitate the “feeling” of an oil. In the same way as an oil, the Acne cream is used dry and effectively cleans the materials accumulated on the skin throughout the day (therefore our sunscreen, dust and sebum residues).

But the big difference is that on contact with water, the Acne cream will emulsify and therefore become an easy-to-rinse milk. In addition, Acne cream contains propolis, with natural antibiotic properties, and decongestant blueberry water. It therefore helps to cleanse but also sanitize the skin and soothe it. For me, it is a big winner in summer, when we try to prevent pimples and calm possible irritations due to sea water, sand, etc. We thus quickly obtain a very clean, purified and soothed skin: that happiness.

Each week you will exfoliate:

The accumulation of dead cells, combined with the thick textures of sunscreens, is also a risk factor for acne. So don’t forget to exfoliate in summer, even if you have to do it less than in winter .

A rhythm of one exfoliation per week will generally be able to prevent fouling of the skin. Personally, I love rhassoul for this purpose , which I take in a tube in my luggage and which I also use as a body wash . In all cases, it is important not to completely ignore the exfoliation in summer , it can save a lot of worry by preventing dead cells from clogging the pores.

On sunscreen alone, you will not count:

Of course, the best protection for you from the sun is to avoid it. Even if the sun has beneficial aspects for our health: it allows us to make vitamin D (and many, many acneics are deficient in vitamin D!), It thickens the stratum corneum and increases the risks of acne. This is why dermatology offices are generally crowded in September.

So you have to adopt a prudent behavior, especially for the face, which is better not to expose deliberately. So, in addition to sun protection, we think of hats, parasols and other protections for this area and we seek shade as soon as possible.

Last Words

It is a natural pink or reddish pigment that belongs to the large family of carotenoids. It is he who gives flamingos their beautiful color. This molecule made by microalgae has powerful antioxidant properties. It thus plays a protective role against damage induced by exposure to UVA rays. It is therefore a very useful ally in summer.