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A brand’s guide to promotional gift categories for employees!

It goes without saying that manpower is the most critical resource for any company. While a good pay package is a nice way to reward effort, doing a bit more is always important. Brands, both big companies and new startups, are spending huge on employee motivation and engagement, and it only makes sense to include promotional products and freebies in the mix. Selecting merchandise for your employees can be confusing, which is why we have shortlisted the best categories right below.

  1. Apparel. This is one category that works well for customers and employees alike. Now, you can opt for something as simple as tees and t-shirts with the brand tagline, or else, think of innovative products, like gym t-shirts, fitness accessories, and even smaller things like a pedometer. With the help of right products, you can promote a better work environment.
  2. Bags. Bags are useful products, and for employees, you can select from a wide range of options – travel bags, cosmetic pouches, laptop bags and even duffle bags. Just make sure that they are capable of using the product. Too much of brand information on products like bags compromises on utility.
  3. Desk supplies. Pens, journals, diaries, and other desk supplies work like silent motivators to work better. It doesn’t have to cost a bomb, and you can find many options. Check Concept Plus stylos publicitaire pour entreprise for instance. The company also has other products from the range.
  4. Technology. This is something that most people working for the company are likely to appreciate. Think of products like USB drives/pen drives and headphones, or you can also consider options like power banks, wireless speakers, selfie sticks and mouse pads. If you order in bulk, you can get some amazing discounts.
  5. Drinkware. Many brands also prefer drinkware for employees, which is a good way to eliminate the cost of disposable cups and glasses. If you want to do something better for the environment, go for metal or glass products, which also should inspire your people to think of green solutions.

Check online now to find the best vendors, and before you place an order, ask for an estimate. How the products are customized and how long it would take to get the order are other questions that must be answered. A good vendor may also offer ideas on how you can customize merchandise and freebies for better marketing of your brand. Still can’t decide on what to give your employees for their promotion? Check out FunBiz today for a selection of various products suitable for corporate gifting!