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A Bridal Appointment: How to Get the Most Out of It

A bridal appointment is required to try on wedding gowns at the most successful and reputable bridal boutiques, especially on weekends. Some have a limited amount of dressing rooms and have a limited number of consultants. The bridal staff at this store wants every bride to have a positive, enjoyable experience, so every bride-to-be is given full access to all dresses during her visit. In a shop full of brides all vying for the same dresses, such an experience can only be achieved with an individual 60-90 minute appointment.


You may be asked by the bridal boutique for information about the wedding, getting wedding dressed, and your idea of a perfect dress before your appointment. It is crucial for the bridal consultant to find out the venue, date, and location of your wedding in order to determine the type of fabrics and styles that would work best. Beach weddings in Mexico have a completely different look from church weddings in winter. When you arrive, they can have gowns in mind based on your venue, fabric, silhouette, and style preferences. You can rely on your consultant to provide professional guidance whether you have a specific style in mind or are open to suggestions. Consider their “outside the box” choices with an open mind. Each day they deal with dresses and brides and can find unique and beautiful gowns that you might have overlooked.


The Clock is ticking

Were you aware that designer gowns do not hang in a warehouse waiting to be delivered in every size? The gowns are made when ordered by a salon. Due to this, most gowns take 4-6 months to arrive. Stores usually have sample gowns you can buy off the rack as well as some that can be ordered “rush” for an additional charge. It is going to be much more stressful and limited to purchase a dress within 2-3 months before the wedding date if you have only a few months to do so.

Prepare for your Bridal Appointment!

Make your bridal gown appointment productive and enjoyable by asking questions in advance! Find out if the salon can accommodate a large group if you’re bringing family or friends. Salons with smaller spaces might let you take over the entire store if you make a private appointment. It can be challenging to make decisions with too many people present at your appointment. Consider bringing friends who will respect your budget and style choices. After all, this is your day! Babies, toddlers, and children can be distracting and will take all your attention away from your mission. Find a babysitter and ask friends and family to respect your time. Salons don’t allow food, coffee, or pets. Some salons provide champagne to their brides when they purchase services. During your appointment, check with the salon’s policy regarding champagne or food if you or your wedding party wishes to celebrate. Private appointments might be the best option.

If you plan ahead, ask questions, know the details and vision of your wedding, and follow some of these suggestions, you will be setting the stage for a successful bridal appointment and a beautiful wedding!