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How to Choose Your Pearl Ring with Best Setting?

If you want to buy a pearl ring, then one of the important features that you need to pay attention will be its setting. In fact, the way your pearl will be mounted on the ring can influence how likely your pearl may fall off.

You may browse this site to read few tips about how to pick best setting for the pearl ring.

Let us discuss about a diamond ring along with a pearl and most commonly setting with very simple construction. A short pin will extend from the mounting of ring and will go into the pearl through small hole that is drilled in it.

Also, some glue is also applied in the hole for keeping the pearl in properly fixed position.

The plus point of such setting will be that it will make the pearl little more prominent based on how much the pin is holding it will extend from the ring base. Such type of mounting will also be relatively easier as compared to more complex settings.

However, such settings may not be very safe. Often, the hole within the pearl can expand and loosen up; as a result the pearl can easily fall off from your ring.

For avoiding all such hassles of pearls getting loosened and falling off, you may consider to get a ring with prong setting. Here instead of a peg going into the pearl, it will have prongs holding the pearl from several sides.

Such Prong settings can be much safer than any other most common setting with pegs and glue. Still you need to be careful, because in case you hit the ring hard, then your pearl may get cracked.

However, the prongs will not exert too much pressure on your pearl and can hold it securely. If you are careful, then your pearls will be safe.

In case you already have peg-in-the-hole pearl ring then you can add couple of prongs to your ring. Any jeweller can provide you this service.

With prong setting too, you must remember that prongs may also wear out with time, break or bend if they become too thin.

To ensure that it lasts longer, choose a metal which is more durable.