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How to Drop an Engagement Ring Hint to Your Fiancé

Getting engaged is one of the most important days in any girl’s life and the engagement ring is there to always remind her of the moment she said “yes”. But men are known to care a lot less about jewelry than we do. So when that day comes, how do you make sure your hubby-to-be makes the right choice? If you’ve always wanted a gorgeous diamond engagement ring, how do you make sure he picks the right style, setting, metal or the shape of the diamond?

Simple: it’s time to get cunning!

Here are X tips on how to drop engagement ring breadcrumbs for your fiancé to pick up on.

“Accidentally” Leave a Hint in Your Browser

If you have no idea how to leave your future fiancé a hint about which type of engagement ring you prefer, it’s time to get sneaky. Leave a couple of open tabs with images of your preferred ring styles, diamond cuts and colors for him to find next time he logs onto the PC. With any luck, he’ll pick up the hint and consult an experienced jeweler so he’ll be able to determine what type of ring to get you.

Use Social Media

As far as we all hate social media for making it so easy to spy on others, on occasions like this it makes a perfect breadcrumb. Create a Pinterest board titled “My Dream Wedding” and pin stuff like wedding cakes, romantic wedding venues and of course engagement rings. Retweet the engagement rings on Twitter, comment on wedding ring pictures on Facebook or Instagram and hope he’ll pick up the trail.

Point it Out!

Next time you’re out shopping and pass by a jewelry store window, make sure to stop and tell him which ring you like the most. If there are no jewelers on your usual shopping route, make sure to plan a detour and come up with a believable excuse, otherwise, he’ll probably pick up on your intentions. It’s important to make men feel like the choice was theirs and it was their ingenuity that helped them choose the ring. So just play along. With any luck, he’ll be back at the same jewelry in no time looking to buy that very same ring.

Favor from a Friend
If he somehow doesn’t pick up on any of the hints you left, he is bound to ask your best friends for help. Therefore, make sure you let your BFFs know what you want in your engagement ring and where he should look for it. With their guidance, he’ll pick the engagement ring of your dreams and still believe it was all his idea.

Be Straightforward

Marriage is all about being honest with each other, so why should this be an exception. If you’ve already talked about getting engaged, there’s nothing wrong with talking about the engagement ring. You don’t have to point the exact one out, just give him a few pointers he can use to find the perfect one with the help of a jeweler. Or give him a list of the engagement rings you like the most and let him pick one. Getting the ring you want is definitely a better surprise than the unpleasant surprise of getting an engagement ring you don’t like.