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Look for Your Price Labels: The Best Choice


To sell a product, to offer a service effectively, several factors come into consideration to ensure that the message gets through. Of course, the quality of the product or the service contributes to the success but before arriving there, it is important to convince that the aforementioned product deserves to be bought among a panoply of products resulting from the same category.

This is when labeling can really make a difference: with its flexible, creative, modern form, which can be used both in “street marketing” and in packaging, the price labels turn out to be a great marketing communication tool .

The role of the label in the visual appearance of a product

Labeling is part of a visual process of marketing communication.The color, shape and originality of the label contribute to the success of the sale of a product or to promote a service. It is also the information on the label that will help the consumer to tell the difference.

Indeed, the label is much more than a simple self-adhesive support: for customers, it is a point of reference that allows them to be informed about a particular product before considering a possible purchase. In a few words and in a small space, the label must succeed in convincing to buy.

A real marketing challenge

Choose the right visual to communicate via the label

But, the choice of the label can quickly become difficult in the sense that all customers do not have the same expectations and needs, so it is advisable not to create a label that would please everyone because the expected effect does not. will not be there because of the lack of originality.

  • Focus more on one aspect of your product or service that will convince a certain category of customers or prospects.
  • Whatever happens, for your marketing communication with the label to be successful, there is one essential criterion to take into account: the readability of the label.
  • You can of course play with the colors and fonts in the print, opt for large print for an item aimed at children or create more sophisticated lettering if the item is predestined for women, or a darker and elegant font for a typically masculine product.
  • Depending on your target, the design of your label will be important because the label also conveys the values ​​of your company.

Finally, to optimize the marketing aspect of a label , do not neglect the back label of the product which may certainly be less visually impressive but which must carry essential information.


The label printers, office or industrial according to your needs, are increasingly sophisticated and powerful. They allow you to customize your labels to make them as attractive as possible.

When it comes to marketing a product, there are many factors that go into making sure that consumers receive it enthusiastically. The quality of the product itself is of course the key to its continued success, but before we get there, we must already convince that the product is worth buying among all the others that are available in the same category.


This is where the visual aspect of the article must fulfill its role. The shape, color and originality of the packaging are particularly important points. But in the end, the element that will really make a difference to today’s informed consumer is the label, and the information it contains.