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Pepper Spray, How to Use Them Properly

Pepper spray is handyfor preventing an attack on you. Whoever you are and however confident you are, you don’t reallyknow from which corner someone will jump you and when. Therefore, you should be prepared for the worse always. Being careful and being prepared is still going to help you out more.

But again the question arises, is that even having a pepper spray for selfdefense really how much ready are you if some way you face such situation. Do you have the nerve to act in such a situation and stand against the odds or your hands and legs are going to freeze off,and you give yourself up?

Knowing About Pepper Spray

You should first try to know what a pepper spray is and how do you save yourself using it. Most of the people having a pepper spray believe it as a toy. No, you should believe it from your heart that pepper spray is not a toy; it is a weapon you have to protect yourself from the attacker/attackers.

But first, don’t use it for fun, because you may face anassault charge if you use it for fun.

Pepper Spray is not a Toy

So, a pepper spray is a weapon for you at the time of danger,and it is not a toy. But do you know how to use it? Any weaponneedstraining because if you are not aware of the weapons working capacity and method, you can’t use it at the time of need. For example, a person from the street is caught and given a gun which he never used before,and that person is put in the army and sent to Afghanistan. What will he do? He will end up killing more his fellow troops rather than the enemies.

Therefore, if you don’t know how to use a pepper spray, it’s of no use keeping it with you. You will instead hurt you rather than destroying the attacker.

Learn to Use Your Pepper Spray

Different pepper sprays have different ways of using them. You got to know what is your pepper spray and how does it work. Every pepper spray has a safety lock,and you got to learn to open the safety lock first before using it,and there are different ways for unlocking the safety locks on different pepper sprays. Also, you got to learn how to spray them. Many sprayshave different ranges; you got to know how much distance your spray will cover. You also should know where to spray for it to be more effective. You should even know that you don’t end up hurting yourself rather than the attacker. So, like every weapon, you should also train yourself by using pepper spray.