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Picking the Right Tie for Various Occasions

Ties have been the most beautiful and wonderful gear to wear on dresses. A tie helps in gaining confidence, enhancing looks and gives a more gentlemanly feel.

The way you talk defines who you are but the way you look defines how the others perceive you without even knowing you.

How to choose the best tie for you?

  • Mark the occasion for which you want a tie.
  • Choose your rest attire.
  • See if the occasion is formal or informal.
  • For formal occasions go for formal and linear prints. For informal occasions choose graphics prints.

Formal prints that you should choose from

  • Plain
  • Small checks
  • Large checks
  • Linear prints
  • Dots

Informal prints that you should choose from

  1. Graphics printing
  2. Non linear designs
  • Choosing the color is an important part. Choose the color a little bit different from your shirt. It can match with the trousers though. For example don a blue tie over pink shirt and blue suit.
  • If your shirt is light colored, wear a dark colored Custom Ties and vice versa.
  • Choosing the shape and size is always important. A tie shouldn’t be too long or too short. Just one inch above the belt buckle is best place.
  • Shape of the tie is important. Don’t wear too broad ties if you are thin. They should be matching with the body.
  • Tie knot is an important thing. Make the knot depending upon the occasion. Simple and formal ones for official occasions and funky ones for party and celebrations.
  • Wear matching tie pins and coat pins if you feel the need. Don’t make yourself too colorful. Everything should be matching and in equilibrium with each other.

Accessories that you should match with your tie

  • Tie pins
  • Coat pins
  • Pocket Squares
  • Cufflinks

Ties can help you better your look if you choose correct one depending upon your occasion, shape and size of body and dresses with which you want to wear a tie.

Occasions and places where ties have become an integral part

  • Marriages and functions
  • Colleges
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Parties
  • Award and other events.

From a very small school kid to a very famous celebrity custom tie come useful for all. They can be worn on any place and occasion. Both males and females wear ties. They are a unisex accessory.

Choose the tie by keeping all above steps in mind and it will help you grow your look and will gain you confidence in front of people and gathering. Wear ties and help yourself grow as a person.