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Shopping on is my new hobby

I ordered a 35cm Hermes Birkin and a Dogon wallet on and both came looking adorable. It was love at first sight for me. The Hermes was made of leather with a carefully polished palladium metal strap and zippers. I also got a ring that held the two keys for the purse lock. The rings were a slight deviation from the authentic Hermes but still cool. The Hermes has always been on my wish list for a long time and I’m glad I could tick that one off with an authentic looking replica thanks to

The Dogon wallet was just as amazing with its fantastic texture and leather strap for keeping it shut. It’s quite roomy for a purse with about three pockets and up to 5 card slots. You get the feeling that proper consideration was given to helping you carry as much as possible in your wallet. The purse and the wallet, both replicas, are an absolute joy to look at. helped me every step of the way from placing my order to the bags arriving at my doorstep. There was just a little over three weeks from the time my order was placed to the time I got my hands on them. This is a fairly decent time frame considering the shipping distance.

Within the 3 weeks I waited for my order, I could always count on their customer service especially Tracy’s warmth and professionalism in dealing with my sometimes groundless concerns – forgive me for being such a little girl. The answers to whatever was bothering me at the time could take 24 hours sometimes, but they always came, and they did in such kind and gentle manner that I believe Tracy was born to deliver. I made my payment via Visa and I was erroneously overcharged $16. I noticed this and brought it to their attention and the refund was made almost immediately. My experience with was beyond amazing and I’m delighted that I took the chance of shopping with them. I’m definitely coming for more!