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Ring Size Matters: Debunking the Myths and Finding the Right Fit

When it comes to purchasing an engagement ring, choosing the right size is crucial. A ring that’s too small can be uncomfortable to wear, while a ring that’s too large can slip off and become lost. However, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the ring size that can make it difficult to find the perfect fit. 

Let us try and debunk these myths and provide tips for finding the right ring size.

Myth #1: Your ring size is the same as your shoe size, or your dress size, or some other measurement.

Ring size is unique to each person and can vary depending on a variety of factors, including finger shape, temperature, and time of day. It is not related to any other measurements.

Myth #2: You can accurately measure your ring size at home using a piece of string or a printable ring sizer.

While it’s possible to get a rough estimate of your ring size using these methods, they’re not always accurate. 

Myth #3: Rings can’t be resized.

While it’s true that some rings can’t be resized (such as those with stones set all the way around the band), most rings can be adjusted by a jeweler.

So how do you find the right ring size? Here are some tips:

Tip #1: Visit a jeweler and have your finger measured.

This is the most accurate way to determine your ring size. A jeweler will use a set of metal rings in various sizes to determine which one fits your finger the best. They may also take into account factors such as the width of the band and any swelling or changes in finger size that may occur throughout the day.

Tip #2: Consider the width of the band.

The width of the band can affect how a ring fits, so it’s important to take this into account when choosing a size. A wider band will fit more tightly than a narrow band, so you may need to go up a size to accommodate for this. 

This is where Faith Brand Engagement Rings can be custom made to fit the needs of your spouse. 

Tip #3: Think about the temperature.

Your fingers can swell or shrink depending on the temperature, so it’s a good idea to get measured when your hands are at their average temperature. 

Finding the right ring size is important for comfort and security. So, don’t rely on myths and misconceptions when it comes to sizing your ring.