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Round Cut or Princess Cut Diamonds: Which One to Choose for your Engagement Ring?

Choosing an engagement ring can be challenging. This piece of jewellery should last a lifetime and be worn on a daily basis. It should be something the wearer loves. If you are looking to buy an engagement for yourself, you may decide to choose a diamond engagement ring.

In terms of diamond rings from Bijouterie MYEL, you want to pick the diamond cut you find the most appealing. However, do you know which diamond cut to choose? Fortunately, you don’t have to stress yourself out by considering all available options out there. You will certainly not go wrong when you choose between a round cut and princess cut diamond. Read on to understand the differences between these diamond cuts:


The princess cut tends to be the most brilliant of all fancy shapes; however, it does not have the ability to reflect light the way round cut diamond does. High-quality round diamonds can reflect over 90% of the light that enters them.

Price and Value

Diamonds are not cheap and the cut is an important factor to take into account. The most famous cut is also the most expensive.  This has to do with the demand for round diamonds and the diamond rough’s yield.

When cutting a round shape, there is a higher amount of diamond rough wastage than the amount wasted when cutting a princess shape diamond. To cut a round diamond, the diamond rough used is just 40 percent. Plus, the majority of people want round diamonds.


Princess cut diamonds are more forgiving of impurities and inclusions within them. Due to the cuts’ faceting arrangement and angular shape, they can hide a flaw better than round cuts. The higher the diamond’s clarity level, the higher the price of the stone.  


When measuring a 1-carat princess cut and a 1-carat round cut diamond, the round cut has up to 10 percent more surface area than a princess cut. Obvious, the round cut wins this game. But, a princess cut’s diagonal length measures longer than the diameter of a round cut diamond. Thus, when looking at these stones, the princess cut could look bigger.


Because round cuts do not have angles, the stone doesn’t catch on objects like clothes and hair. Also, it is unlikely for the stone to chip. Meanwhile, princess cuts have 4 sharp corners which makes them very vulnerable. These cuts can catch on daily objects that can compromise the stone’s durability. That is why these diamonds must be placed in protective settings for improved security.