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Self-Love: Buy a Personalized Monogram Necklace

We often forget we are the most important part of our life. As children, we are sent to school wherein we educate ourselves so that we can earn in the coming time and take care of our current as well as future families. As a middle aged person, we express our love to our families by providing them with comfort, basic needs and even gifts. When we finally get into our deathbed, we turn back and try finding out that one thing that we did for ourselves. Unfortunately, there is hardly that comes to our mind.

Don’t you think it is sad we lay responsibilities towards others and make them happy, but do absolutely nothing to shower love to ourselves?

This is where you need to practice self-love. Sometimes, doing little things that don’t harm others, but make you feel good are the best things you’d ever do. This is where a beautiful personalized monogram necklace comes into the picture. If you want to begin with the practice of self-love, do something to express your love to yourself. Buy something that would depict how proud you are on yourself for the battles you have won and the lessons you have learnt.

When you buy a personalized monogram necklace, you gift something to yourself. All this while, you may have spent hours to look for gifts for others. You may have searched for good pillows, beautiful jewelries, glittering gowns and other such things for the ones you love. This time, I want you to search for a company that manufactures such necklaces so that you spend on yourself. Of course you spend on buying clothes and other random stuff, but they are basic necessities. This time, you have to buy something that makes you feel special, just the way you make others feel special.

How do I know if such a necklace would depict self-love?

I know because I have done it. I always wanted my partner to wear my initials. I knew it would make me feel good. However, he often refused to do so. After our breakup, I was shattered. I wanted someone to be mine; I wanted someone to express his love to me. One day, I bought such a necklace with my initials carved on a golden base and wore it around my neck. That was the day I realized I needed no one to express his love towards me; I was sufficient and enough.