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Summer 2019’s Biggest Jewelry trends

Summer is an excellent time to express your individual style wearing summer outfits and become trendy in your city or on holidays. There are many possibilities to do it in the right way and wearing the proper jewellery is undoubtedly one of them. If you are interested in getting more information on the current trends, you should read this article to the end.

  1. Different types of jewellery popular this summer
  2. The necklaces that are popular this summer
  3. Pendants of summer 2019

Different types of jewellery popular this summer

If you think that there is only one kind of jewellery, you may be surprised how many choices you have when it comes to selecting popular jewellery of summer 2019. You may see all of them at: . There are available long and short chains, earrings, wedding rings, casual rings and several bracelets in various colours and made of different materials. This year, the necklaces are especially popular. Some experts claim that it is a back to the previous decades when a lot of young people as well as adults wear various types of necklaces. Some of them that are especially popular are following: Cuban chains and bracelets, bead chains, figaro chains and box chains. It is also worth to add that pendants are also very popular this year, especially those that underline your passions and point of view on important matters, such as culture belongingness and faiths.

The necklaces that are popular this summer 

The majority of designers and people who deal with fashion underline that necklaces will be extremely popular when it comes to choosing the best summer jewlry. There are two examples of popular chains:

– Belchor chain – it is also well-known as rolo chain. This summer chain is one of the most popular types of jewellery. It is considered to be beautiful and natural at the same time. It is made of links where every alternate link turns 180 degrees. This chain is available in different sizes and it is made of gold or silver.

– Figaro chain – if you are looking for a stylish jewelry this summer, the Figaro chain is an excellent choice for you. Why? It is very easy to explain. It is origin from Italy, a country where high fashion is available in every city and where works only the best fashion designers. Moreover, the design of the chain is very eye-catching because it consists of flatted links of various sizes.

Pendants of summer 2019

While purchasing necklace, it is worth to pay attention at the pendants that are also very fashionable this year. The most common are following:

– cross pendants – they are a symbol of Christianity faith and God. It is very common among people who are not afraid of expressing their feelings toward God.

– palm pendants – a palm is a symbol of holiday and it is usually worn by people who cannot wait for their next holidays. It is a very positive pendant.

– owl pendants – an owl is a symbol of wisdom and it is a great idea for present for fresh student or for someone you consider smart and intelligent. Moreover, it is also a symbol of magic and mystery and in some cultures, the owl is associated with fertility and famine.  

Summer is a great time when you do not have to work and you may relax on the beach and show your personal style on the streets. That is why, it is always worth to know what is popular given summer to make an impression on the people you like rather than put foot in the mouth.