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Why you should shop for canvas prints as opposed to paper prints

Choosing the right type of prints can be challenging, especially when doing it for the first time. If you are torn between picking canvas prints and paper prints, you are not alone. Different factors such as your budget, the form of artwork you wish to print, as well as your taste, should influence your decision. Most people, however, go for canvas prints due to the following reasons.

Such prints are classy

Canvas prints come with a nice textured finish that most people love. Since these are designed from advanced inkjet printing, they have the same appearance as original paintings. Printing painting on canvas can help you enjoy the classic look that you may be looking for. They also come in a matte coating, which reflects light giving you a glare-free view. Most people also like the quality of canvas prints. These prints absorb color better than conventional paper prints. They not only look pleasant but also have a soft feel.

They allow you to make large prints

If you want a large print, then choosing canvas over paper would be an ideal choice. Paper prints limit you to a particular size. Canvas prints, on the other hand, do not have size limitations. Due to the difference when it comes to color absorption, canvas prints give you the chance to acquire large sizes in different resolutions. If you want a large-sized print in high resolution, then you should stick to canvas prints.

Greet looking colors

Most of the museum curators choose canvas prints since they are known to produce better-looking colors. Professionals that print on canvas often use specialized skills to come up with quality products. Choosing canvas prints, therefore, lets you enjoy quality prints that are rich in colors that you can admire for a lifetime. Canvas prints also come with a unique coating that offers excellent protection against external factors such as moisture and dust.

Easy maintenance

If you don’t want prints that are complicated when it comes to the maintenance, then stick with canvas prints. Even if you clean regularly, you cannot eliminate dust completely. Most of it tends to settle on your art collection and can diminish its quality with time. Choosing canvas prints helps you maintain your collection easily since it is easy to clean. The coating layer also prevents canvas prints from atmospheric particles and intense UV rays, which can affect the quality of your print.

For you to clean canvas prints, you only need a smooth brush that can wipe off the surface and a damp cloth to clean it. Feel free to dry such prints in sunlight. Unlike paper-based prints that can quickly fade due to exposure to the sun, the color of canvas prints remains intact even when you choose to dry them under the sun.

They are highly durable

Canvas prints are made from pure cotton or plastic compounds. These materials last long since they fight against most of the natural elements. They also do not fade as fast as regular paper.

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