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A Guide To The Pros & Cons Of Hair Extensions

Most women at some point in their lives have envied an A-list celebrity for their beautiful, stylish long hair; cursing their genetics for not having beautiful flowing hair. But don’t worry, because most celebrity leading ladies get help in the hair department and look to hair extensions. So instead of sitting back and waiting for your hair to grow out; you can be just like an A-lister (at least in the hair department) and cheat your way to luscious lengths with hair extension.

What kind of extensions should you choose?

If you’re a newbie to hair extensions, there’s a good chance that you’re feeling a bit confused, and a little overwhelmed reading this but don’t fret because this hair extension guide will walk you through it!


Clip-ins are very popular because they are the most temporary hair extension method, and they can be applied and removed from your natural hair in a matter of minutes!

The pros

  • Easily be applied at home
  • Affordable
  • Temporary, so if you don’t like the way they look, just take them out!
  • No damage

The cons

  • Generally made from low-quality, synthetic hair
  • Don’t look as natural as other hair extension methods
  • Since the clips are rather chunky, they can be challenging to wear


The hair extension strands are bonded to your natural hair with an adhesive.

The pros

  • Subtle
  • Last for around six months
  • Easy maintenance
  • Typically made with good-quality human hair

The cons

  • Fusion applications are uncomfortable for most people because the extension is glued quite close to the scalp; and if it’s glued on too tight, it can pull on your natural hair causing pain.
  • The application takes 4 or more hours to complete


Double-sided tape is applied and placed between two sections of the natural hair to hold the hair extensions in place. A fast, straightforward and painless application, the tape extension stays flat and is comfortable in your hair. You can find affordable, premium quality 100% Remy tape hair extensions at Jadore Hair Supplies, which are the best in the market!

The pros

  • Quick application
  • Temporary and can last up to 12 weeks
  • Easy maintenance and removal

The Cons

  • Generally made from low-quality or synthetic hair, so make sure you look for high-quality Remy extensions.
  • There’s a chance that they’ll be visible if clear adhesive tape isn’t used
  • Less mobility than natural extensions


  • This process loops the hair extension through your natural hair and then clamps them in using special pliers and a metal bead.

The pros

  • Cost-effective
  • Last for around 12 months
  • Relatively pain-free application

The cons

  • Tend to slip down the hair shaft, and as such, require frequent attention
  • Usually made from low-quality hair that needs trimming; so ensure that you only buy high-quality extensions