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Wooing the heart of a mistress is one hell of a tough job. Winning her heart once or twice does not suffice. One has to be able to keep her happy for as long as possible. Trivial mistakes are acceptable; they rather strengthen the bond between couples. But while making big decisions, such mistakes affect the balance and the bond between them. In case of occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, the tradition of presenting gifts is a common practice. While deciding the perfect gift for your mistress, a great deal of thinking must be employed into it to ensure that she does not feel deprived in any manner. The topic of selecting the most appropriate gift brings us to common gift suggestions.

The best part about these suggestions is that these gifts are easily available and are relatively inexpensive. Besides a lot of blooming start-ups like Portrait Flip engage themselves into providing of gifts for everyone; be it your parents, mistress, wife, children, siblings or friends. A thorough search in any online store will fetch the availability of these objects.

LED filled jar lamps:

Simple jars are a common sight in the kitchen. A number of ways the jars can be recycled is to insert a wire of LED lamps inside it and utilize it as a lamp for lighting purposes. Fortunately, the idea is not new and has been used to produce the fancy product termed as LED filled lamps. These lamps are completely filled with lighting wires and can be voluntarily switched on or off any time. The electrical consumption is less than a tube light. The jar shaped body is available in many shapes and often made of fibre in order to make it free of shattering issues on falling. Plastic is also used for the outer body, as the LEDs are electrical and can give shock if loose wires are present. The electrical wires and the LEDs are present in varying colours their length can be decided as per the needs of the customer. The cost is incurred on the basis of length.Being compact in design, these jars can be kept anywhere around the house. With the help of strings or threads, they can also be hung from the ceiling as their weight is quite less. This adds a lot of convenient factors to it, making it worthy of a gift recommendation. There are lots of other gift choices like customized artwork, provided by Portrait Flip which has been underlined below.

Animal shaped laundry bags:

Laundry bags actually exist and mean what they sound. Generally the issue of carrying clothes to the laundry store and retrieving them back is a nightmare. People frisk through their entire house for plastic bags and polythene bags in order to carry the dirty or clean wardrobe. However these days, there are customized bags available which serve the sole purpose of eradicating the issue stated above. Cute, compact and compartmentalized into pockets for different sets of clothes, these bags are handy as well as appealing in appearance. The designing of these bags have a touch of artistic designs and can have lots of art painted on it. With the advent of custom painting and the existence of portals like Portrait Flip, paintings can be done on the outer cover of the bags to add a flashy appearance to it.Choose from innovative hampers that wheel out from under your sink, to double laundry baskets, laundry baskets you can shoot hoops in or even silver and metallic bags. No matter which way you look at it, there is a laundry solution for all those who are in dire need of it. The laundry hamper can be a sad old sight. Shoved in the corner where your dirty clothes and linen hide, they are often unstylish, not kept and even a little bit mouldy. Give your laundry a new life, by choosing one of our top fifty picks for unique laundry bags and baskets. Suited to a myriad of interiors and styles, they’ll be a sight to behold in your laundry space, bedroom or en route to the local launderette.

Custom paintings:

A collection of such artists leads to the foundation of what we commonly call as a custom painting service. These services are dedicated to converting photos into paintings and delivering them at the doorstep. Like the custom painting thing, styles can be selected as well as the frame size based on an interactive session with the artist. Out of the most trending services worldwide, a leading custom painting service is Portrait Flip. Portrait Flip pride upon them in the custom painting services sector. A wide range of styles which includes oil, charcoal, pencil sketches and water colour are available. Frame sizes are also an element of flexibility; and a customer can choose an apt size based on the situation.  The charges incurred are minimal, and a detail is provided on where and how the charges have been allocated. This provides an upper hand to the customers on whether they want to avail certain features or not.

Custom painting services is not the only forte; portrait flip is also renowned for their exquisite collection paintings based on customer requests worldwide. These galleries are a delight to the eye and open to all for view. When one is bored with the monotony of life and lacks something worth appreciation, these galleries are a must. It helps in warding off the monotony and allows people to understand and love art. Do have a glimpse at these galleries once in a while!