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Superduo and glass beads

The making of glass beads no matter it’s size, color, shape, or it’s finishing wouldn’t be complete without having a glossary look at how glass beads have evolved from the Faience beads made of clay in Egypt to Matubo superduo formed of the most beautiful materials in the world.

The journey to an aesthetic value was never an easy one for glass beads, over the course of history, it’s passed through the old cultures of various continents and travelled through the seas and ocean to what it’s known now.

In the past, glass beads were first discovered by the Egyptians before moving to Mesotapania where it was molded with a lustrous finishing. Before it came to the Romans and became very popular, Glass beads were meant only for royalty between noble houses and Kings. It was traded in the spoils of war with other regions and tribe to further proof it’s importance to the Romans.

The collapse of the old Roman Empire meant that the standard aesthetic value of glass beads dropped as can be seen on the popular street this day.

A plethora of different types of glass beads exists this moment from lampwork, Millefiori, wedding cake, blown, crystal, vintage and antique and many more.

Their different uses single them out for uniqueness, especially in designs. Some are very good in decoration with lights because of their reflective nature. Others are static means of decoration using colors.

One of the unique kind of glass beads people admire a lot is the matubo superduo. As the name suggests, the Matubo superduo is a glass bead with two holes. Unlike other beads in the industry, the superduo only looks alike is the twin duo beads. Both of them most times have been used on the project or alone with anyone noticing.

Superduo is an elongated shaped glass bead that is very large and comes in a variety of colors. Most people say it originated from the Czech Republic, and others believe it was Japan.

They are however more expensive than the usual beads we are used to, and one can only see why. They are made with colored glasses which is a rare feature to find in any bead

The sheer size of a superduo bid can be used to create different images and shapes because of the two holes it has. For embroidery and clothes design, superduo beads are always used for efficient drawing of shapes. They often go further to create beautiful, well-rounded bracelets for women. Some others find it enchanting to use them as beaded jewelry, especially when flaunting an open shoulder dress.

In conclusion, glass beads have done more for the fashion industry since it came on board. With more glass beads produced every day, brands like superduo will continue to in handy from time to time.