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The best gift ideas from around the world: Ireland Edition

Gift-giving can sometimes be an unfortunately stressful exercise. The effort that goes into searching, purchasing and wrapping up a present for someone is fun, but when you’re struggling for ideas it can be a very long and drawn-out process that frustrates even the most patient among us.

This is why people turn to international gifts for inspiration. Not only does this allow you to find unique gift ideas, but they can also celebrate the heritage of the person you’re buying for! So, if you have someone Irish that you’re buying for, or you simply think Irish gifts are the way to go, we can help!

Here are our best Irish gift ideas:

1. For Her – Traditional Claddagh Ring

There are few gifts more special, or more traditional, than a Claddagh ring. An iconic symbol of Irish culture, the Claddagh Ring represents love, friendship and loyalty. Jewellery always makes for a great gift, but a traditional piece has much more meaning.

For an extra personal touch, why not add your loved one’s birthstone? If you’re not sure what this is, it’s a stone assigned to a month of the year.

2. For Him – Irish Whiskey

When looking for a gift for him, you can’t go wrong with a good whiskey. There a plenty of great brands to choose from, including iconic brands like Jamieson and Bushmills. You can always shop around and find something more unique for a special occasion too!

If you’re not sure he likes whiskey on its own, you can make plenty of great festive drinks with just a few simple ingredients too!

3. For a Foodie – Irish Breakfast

There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal. If you can’t afford to fly someone home, the next best thing is giving them a taste of home! Why not put together a traditional Irish breakfast basket for your loved one? Get your hands on some Barry’s Tea, Irish sausages and some scones with butter and make someone’s morning truly special.

4. For Winter – Traditional Aran Sweater

When the chillier months come around, everyone needs a good sweater. This is one of the reasons an Aran sweater makes such a great gift. Not only will an Aran sweater keep your loved ones cosy in the winter, but they will also celebrate their Irish heritage as well.

In days gone by, these sweaters were once knitted by women living on the three Aran islands for their husbands. A proper Aran sweater can absorb up to 30% of its weight before you begin to feel wet, making it ideal for a rainy day too!

5. For Someone Special

Celtic crosses are not only important in Irish culture, but they are also beautiful pieces of jewellery too. For a special gift, you can’t go wrong with one of these beautiful pieces.

The best part is, they come in unisex styles so you can gift one to any of your loved ones!