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The brazilian straightening ruin the hair?

Brazilian hair straightening makes you look smooth, healthy, shiny and without frizz thanks to its composition of oils, amino acids, keratin and silk protein. Its main function is to transform the weakened capillary mass due to external agents such as pollution, sun exposure, or chemical processes such as colorations. The Smoothing comes from Brazil, that when settling in Spain, made thousands of similar treatments appear guaranteeing the same result.

The heat has been one of the first methods to straighten and tame the hair, but it was not always used in the same way. Formerly hot combs were used; in the 60s, domestic plates (the same as for ironing clothes) and it was not until 1980 when the first specific iron was launched to iron the hair.

There is no doubt that the arrival of the first smoothing treatments marked a before and after for many women. Although those smoothed, containing a high percentage of formaldehyde and long term, supposed damage to the hair. This is where the Brazilian straightening came from, which came in 2010 for kinky straight human hair, revolutionizing beauty salons. At present there are specialized hairdressers and expert stylists to guarantee an impeccable result. What is the treatment? It can last between 1 hour and 2 hours, depending on the length and volume of the hair.

First of all, wash your hair thoroughly with a neutral shampoo, in order to apply the entire product with thoroughness from the root to the tips, strand by strand. Sometimes heat is applied for a few minutes so that the treatment penetrates more intensely. Next, all the hair will be ironed with fine strands to seal the product and it will be completely smooth and nourished. Once the Brazilian straightening is done, your stylist will give you necessary recommendations so that the product finishes sealing your hair. It is advisable to apply the treatment for all types of hair. It does not matter if it is dyed or damaged; the straightening will bring brazilian virgin hair strength and shine.

The duration of the Brazilian straightening will always depend on the maintenance of the hair (we recommend using shampoos without sulphates), the type of hair and the way in which the treatment has been done. However, the average is about 90 days. There are hairs that maintain the effects of smoothing up to 5 months.