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4 Compelling Reasons to Use Canvas Shopping Bags

With plastic bags being written off big time across the world, good old cotton canvas bags are making a roaring comeback.  

In fact, the canvas tote and shopping bags are making a big and bold fashion statement by finding their due place amongst the stylishly wearable accessories. When a big brand uses a fabric bag design [ออกแบบถุงผ้า, which is the term in Thai] to adorn their customized cloth bags, you invariably know that they are on the right track. Because it’s not always about money; ultimately, it’s your ethics, culture, access and most importantly the concern about the planet, which matter the most.

There are many reasons, which have led to a steep surge of cloth shopping bag sales, let’s explore these as under.

  • Versatility: Have you noticed how your grocery carrying cotton shopping bag suddenly doubles up as a casual tote, securely keeping all your personal belongings while you navigate through office, market or have a small group get together at a nearby café? That’s the versatility of these humble looking bags, you can carry them almost anywhere.

You can shop them in numerous colours, which cheeky words of wisdom splashed on. Since they are super affordable, you can have multiple options matching your distinctive taste and dressing style.

  • Numerous size options: Canvas bags are not only sturdy but they also come in variable size options to match every requirement.

Hence, no matter you want to carry books, files, brochures, laptop, DSLR, personal articles, and any other stuff- there is always one canvas bag available to fit each one of them easily and perfectly.

In case you have weighty stuff to carry, invest in a heavy canvas zipper for that extra level of safety.

  • Eco-friendly: One of the biggest advantages of cloth totes is that these are reusable. You can wash them over a hundred times in between the usage and they will still be good enough to use during your next shopping trip.

Made up of natural cloth fabric, canvas bags are 100% biodegradable and do not leave any harmful impact upon the environment post decomposition.

  • Can be used during Travelling: Of course, a canvas bag cannot give you the comfort of a briefcase or a trolley but you can certainly use them for short travel trips and family outings.

There are numerous fabric bag design options available online which you can choose as per your likeability.